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Loose Diamonds
Jewelry Emporium is a direct diamond importer. Twice each year, owner Susan Harrison travels to Antwerp, Belgium, widely considered the world’s diamond capital. She fills special orders for her customers by hand selecting diamonds according to the “4 C’s” of quality–carat, clarity, color, and cut. By going directly to the cutter, she is able to find the exact diamond that you are looking for.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Rings, Diamond Jewelry

High quality, well-cut stones are the focal points of each earring, bracelet, pendant and ring. Our award-winning designers produce a limited number of each piece, so you can be sure that you are getting something unique and wonderful.

Diamond Jewelry Designers
cheri dori earrings
Cheri Dori
scott kay bridal diamond ring
Scott Kay Bridal
scott kay mens diamond wedding band
Scott Kay Mens
Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider

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